Please read prior to booking

Examples of items we will deliver (but not limited to this list)

  1. Residential/Office furniture
  2. Appliances
  3. Electronics
  4. Building Materials
  5. Landscape Materials
  6. Lawn furniture
  7. Exercise Equipment
  8. Tools
  9. Bedding
  10. Etc.

Items that are strictly prohibited

  1. Legal or illegal drugs
  2. Alcoholic beverages
  3. Hazardous/Flammable gas or materials
  4. Tobacco products
  5. Food
  6. Animals
  7. Landfill waste
  8. Etc.

What to expect from your Call-A-Truck Driver

  1. Driver will arrive within 1 hour of requested time at your desired pick up location.
  2. Open items will be wrapped in plastic wrap or blankets to prevent damage.
  3. Professionalism & courteous
  4. Drivers do not carry cash. Payments can be transacted at the time of delivery by debit or credit card. You may also book your appointment online. Your card will not be billed until services are rendered. Cancellations are subject to cancellation fees of $5 or 10% which ever is greater.
  5. Driver is responsible for securing all merchandise properly
  6. May accept tips

Customers Responsibility

  1. Please review your pick up and delivery distance in the easy to use distance tool provided on our online booking page.
  2. Please, have items prepared for pick up to ensure prompt pick up and delivery.
  3. Please understand that Call-A-Truck is an express delivery service and not a moving company.  
  4. This does not mean we can't help you transport items you may need to move from one home to the next. It simply means that you'll need to have a few extra hands to carry the items from within your home. As well as assisting your driver with loading and unloading all items.